Commercial Space or Residential Space for Rent?

Looking for commercial office space for rent in new town Kolkata or in south Kolkata? The objective behind purchasing commercial office space in Kolkata could be either to buy, hold, or sell for a profit or put it on rent to generate rental income.

Rental income is a lucrative business where property buyers and owners purchase commercial land in growing cities such as New town, Rajarhat, Kolkata and put them on rent for a regular income. The sole objective behind buying the commercial property is to earn rental income. In most of the cases, the property owner does not have the intention of staying in the purchased property.  

Some real estate investors are often confused about whether to buy commercial space for rent or buy a residential property to earn the rental income. Some of the experts that we talked mentioned that there is no specific answer that applies to all investors at all the locations.

Rather, the answer to this question depends on many factors such as the location of the property, the neighborhood, the quality and the amenities of the property, whether the property is new or old along with many other factors including marketing dynamics.

A quick search for commercial office space for sale in Kolkata will show a list of property portal each showing a long list of commercial properties on sale. Similar results will be shown on a quick search for commercial land in a new town or retail space for rent in Kolkata.

One factor that tilts the scale in favor of the commercial properties is the fact that office spaces or commercial spaces are usually rented for a longer duration making it a lucrative investment option. Whereas residential properties are usually rented for a year and the rent agreement renewed the next year mutually.  Thus someone looking for a retail space for rent in Kolkata needs to sign the lease agreement for a longer duration compared to someone looking for residential space for rent in Rajarhat, Kolkata.


Rent or Buy a Flat in Kolkata

As there is a demand for new properties for purchase, there is an equal and parallel demand for properties for rent. Searching for and finding a suitable flat for renting is as tedious and painful as searching a flat for purchase.

The best place to start looking for apartments for rent are the popular property listing portals such as,, and There are other portals like which not only list suitable properties for rent in Kolkata but also provide full gamut of additional services including legal assistance, due diligence of the property before taking it on rent, making lease agreement with the help of their expert team etc. Everyone is not aware of the rent house rules in India.

Searching for a 2 BHK flats for rent in Rajarhat, Kolkata is as painful as searching to rent a house in rest of India. Some not so popular cities where you can easily find house for rent, some very popular cities where even after 6 month search, it is difficult to find the right apartment for rent.

How quickly you will find your home for rent also depends on the rental budget you have. Look for a cheap rent flats in Kolkata if you have a low budget. A decent apartment can be found within a budget of Rs. 10,000.00 to Rs. 25,000.00 per month depending on the location, society and other amenities.

Talk to few property dealers and agents in your area before selecting a property for rent as without getting different opinions, it would be difficult to know the going rental in that area. Sometimes speaking directly with the potential landlord can save some amount which otherwise would have gone to the property agent as their fees. Besides, to earn greater commission, property dealers and agents inflate the monthly rent. So, make sure to bargain hard with the agent before agreeing on the rent when renting 2 BHK flats in Salt Lake, Kolkata.

You may chance upon property agents or realtors who will suggest to buy a flat in Kolkata rather than to rent a flat. There are pros and cons for both the cases where more positive comes out favorings buying a flat.

Who doesn’t want to buy a house of their dream in Rajarhat, Kolkata but are you ready for it? Are you ready to put in pain to find the right property meeting your expectations and go through the legal hassle of actually owning it in papers? The decision should be supported by logic and financial viability between property cost and rental cost over a period of time. That is what would be the EMI when purchasing the flat compared to the rent paid per month and does it make sense considering the financial implications of your decision. If managed properly, instead of paying a rent, same amount or little higher amount can be paid as EMI towards the house loan you can take to purchase your bungalow in Kolkata or penthouse in Salt Lake, Kolkata.

Buy, Rent or Sale Properties in Kolkata

Are you a homebuyer in the lookout for buying an apartment, a flat or a builder floor in Kolkata? You have an option of buying new flats in Kolkata or purchase a resale apartment either in multistory flats or resale builder floors.

In case new flats in Kolkata are in high demand or they are beyond your budget, it is advantageous to purchase a resale flat, which can be purchased at a better price. Although resale flats may be old over new apartments it can be a lucrative investment option. Resale houses can be rebuilt to fetch handsome returns in a shorter space of time.

If you are a money sensitive buyer and are looking for the prices to fall further before you purchase your flats, you may be in for a surprise. The reason being there is no right price or the right time to buy as the price dynamics are market driven.

You really need to be an expert at timing the property market or have taken an expert opinion of a property consultant or services of a real estate advisory firm to buy properties at the time price.

The price of the property depends on a lot of factors such as demand/supply in the market, the location of the property, the brand value of the real estate developer, and Govt. projects being launched nearby the property location.

The best properties sale in Rajarhat, Kolkata is when the demand for properties is high or resale flats demands is low. Homebuyers have a lot of options to choose from when going to the market for purchase. Multistory flats in Kolkata, resale flats, low-cost flats in Rajarhat, 2 BHK flat in Rajarhat, New Town, and resale house.

When the property prices are all-time high, it is better to search flats for rent in Rajarhat than purchasing them as you may lose out on the large resale amount if you would wish to sell it in the future.

Buying low-cost flats in Rajarhat or renting a ready to move flats in North Kolkata VIP Road, you need to prepare yourself for few rounds of negotiation or trip to the property location spending considerable time. To avoid delay and disappointments while dealing with property dealers, property owners or even real estate developers, take care of a few points.

Always review the property in question against properties in the neighborhood. Compare the resale value or rent amount with the nearby properties before making up your mind.

As you will be staying in the property for a long period, evaluate the surrounding amenities such as nearest metro station, nearest school, distance to the closest hospital, and finally the distance to the local shopping complex. Presence or absence of these amenities can make your stay in the property pleasurable or in the worst case a bad decision.

After you have identified a sale property or buy property, do a quick search for them on leading property portals like, (link to the site), and see if the property owner has listed the property previously or not. If you are lucky, you could get the listing along with a sale or rental price.

Most of the property listing portals list properties based on the listing date so do not shy from browsing the deep pages.

We wish you the best of luck in finding your dream property to buy or rent.

Buy Residential & Commercial Flats, Properties In Kolkata

Moving to Kolkata due to a changed job or whatever reason, the first major concern is that of finding a decent house for rent in the city you will be based in. If you have enough time before the shifting and have the budget to purchase a new flat, it is better to buy a ready to move flats in Rajarhat.

Renting a fully furnished flat is not an easy job let alone finding the best property to buy in a new city. Looking for low-cost flats in Rajarhat for rent or searching for 2 BHK / 3 BHK flats in North Kolkata VIP road, then websites like,, sites come to your rescue.

Kolkata has been offering various residential and commercial projects to growing number of millennial Indian and international travelers coming to Kolkata for a long break or settle.

New Town, Rajarhat is a cool and happening place in Kolkata and is one of the fastest growing districts with a lot of upcoming projects from famous builders. House owners can sell their properties or homebuyers can easily buy properties in Kolkata with the help of property agents, property listing portals, and portals, which help you in searching the right property, with their consultancy activities.

If you are a first-time homebuyer and looking to buy a property in Kolkata, start with studying various online property buying tips from popular property research houses. Additionally, leading newspapers also publish property trends, reality check reports, and popular surveys for the benefit of the homebuyers. One important point to consider is the resale value of the property in Kolkata where you will be purchasing your flats.

Every year government announces new schemes and tax benefits for the first time and repeat homebuyers and that is a good time to invest in a 2 BHK flats in Rajarhat.

New Town, Kolkata has been tagged as one of the potential start cities of India and is one of the top destinations for homebuyers with small pockets or deep pockets.

Things that make a city a smart city under Smart cities mission, Government of India, are adequate water supply, assured electricity supply, efficient urban mobility and public transport system, robust IT connectivity and digitalization, and safety and security of citizens among others. These smart cities facilities make these destinations even more popular and homebuyers would be willing to pay a premium for the properties.

For homeowners looking to invest in Kolkata cities like New Town, Rajarhat, and Salt Lake it has become increasingly difficult to find a property to buy or resale flats in North Kolkata. Sweet deals are however scattered and only needs to be found through various mediums and portals. To find out where you should put your money, property search portals like, who is a real estate advisory firm, offer tools to quickly find residential properties within your budget and in areas, you are interested in.